Oct 9, 2016

Impressions of a Crowdhackathon




Last weekend, 1st to 2nd of October, Crowdpolicy organized the Crowdhackathon #insurance.The hackathon took place at Innovathens of Municipality og Athens’s Technopolis at Gazi.

This is a translated and improved version of the Greek one available via Medium.

What was it about?

The main theme of the hackathon was the development of innovative solutions for the insurance market. Practically there was no limit in what you could do, as long as it has the word insurance in it.

The team

After a few days of negotiations, Dimitris Barbakos, Stavros Tsourlidakis, me and Stavros Oikonomidis, just a few of the DSG team, decided to take part representing the DSG team.

1-NXiHleKR4JiCSkSyFoiA-Q From left to right, Stavros Oikonomidis, Me, Dimitris and Stavros Tsourlidakis on a backstage selfie before going out for our presentation.

The team collaborated perfectly and developed DaaM a driver reward system for insurance companies, a project that was good enough to take the first place and the 2000€ that came with it.

A few words about DaaM

The Driving analysis and Monetization platform is a software that takes as input telemetry data from any vehicle that provides such data and retruns as output if the said driver drives well, ecologically, economically or even dangerous.

The vehicle can provide telemetry data through the driver’s mobile phone, or even better by using OBD devices and IoT enabled devices.

1-p0zytCzvZ0vJucUpKL-RHwThe first screen of our presentation in the backstage monitor while waiting the tech-guys.

Having that data we can propose to any insurance company to reduce the amount of the good drivers insurance bill, or provide them with gifts and generally try to keep them as clients.